Do's and don't of using a self-service laundromat


At Bub’s Laundry your dirty laundry isn’t just a metaphor—it’s music to our ears! Have you ever been mystified by the bright, shiny, coin-gobbling machines at your local self-service coin laundry? Fear not, dear friends and fabric aficionados. Here’s the good news: We’re here to make that symphony of spinning a concerto you can conduct. Follow along, and let’s turn that dirty laundry into a freshly pressed masterpiece.

separating laundry for washing

The Prelude: Stand Out and Thrive at Bub's Laundromat.

Waltzing into a laundry without sorting those reds from whites? Not on Bub’s watch! First things first, make sure you’ve got your brights, darks, and lights in harmonious separation. You wouldn’t want a ballet of pinks when aiming for those crisp whites, after all. A sorted wash is a happy wash, guaranteed!
do's and don't of using a self-service laundromat


At Bub’s Laundry, the self-service coin laundry machines aren’t just instruments—they’re part of the orchestra! Now, let’s talk about setting the tempo for your laundry concerto. Choosing the right temperature is key. Delicates dance at cool temperatures, while those tough jeans need a vigorous warm beat. Play it right, and your clothes will sing with freshness.

do's and don't of using a self-service laundromat
less detergent is more

The Detergent Dance: Simplify Your Laundry Routine

Now, here’s where the choreography gets interesting. Pouring detergent like it’s a Broadway spectacle might seem exciting, but less is more in Bub’s Ballet of Bubbles. Instead, a little dip, a gentle pour, and voila! Your dirty laundry waltzes into cleanliness.
Laundromat in Marysville, Washington

Respect the ensemble: The Final Movement at Bub's Laundry.

We’re all performers in this self-service coin laundry theater. Remember, though, respect your fellow launderers’ time, space, and that lone sock left behind in a machine. Your clothes may be soloists, but we’re all part of the grand ensemble.

Laundromat in Marysville, Washington
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