How to Maximize Your Time at Bub's Laundry


Are you tired of how time-consuming laundry can be? At Bub’s Laundry coin-operated laundromat, laundry has never been easier. Continue reading to learn about how you can maximize your time by doing your laundry at Bub’s, and contact us with any questions!

Effective and Efficient Laundry Machines

Bub's Laundry is known for its effective and efficient machines.

Just newly installed in 2020, our advanced washers and dryers make the most of your time at Bub’s Laundry. With just 23-minute cycles, you can get your laundry done in no time without compromising on quality. Our washers protect the fabric and color while effectively cleaning and disinfecting, giving your clothes a fresh and clean look.
Large Laundry Loads

At Bub's Laundry, large loads are always welcome!

Worried about the loads of laundry taking up your time? Bub’s Laundry has you covered. With our large capacity washer and dryers, you can fit more into one load to save you time. We also have many machines available so you can get multiple loads going simultaneously.
Large Laundry Loads
Full Service Laundry


Just as if you were at home, all your laundry needs are under one roof. From the washing machine to the dryer, to multiple detergents and dryer sheets, Bub’s Laundry has everything you need to maximize the efficiency of your laundry experience. For added convenience, we are open Monday through Sundays from 7 am to 9 pm, so you can do your laundry when it is best for you.
Professional Quality Laundry

High-quality professional services at an affordable price from Bub's Laundry.

Our self-service machines leave your laundry as clean as if they were professionally cleaned. But at only 20 cents per pound with weekly discounts, Bub’s Laundry offers a revolutionary way to do your laundry at an unbeatable prices on laundry without the hassle of finding a cleaner.
Professional Quality Laundry
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